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27 August 2027 @ 04:17 pm
Ansem's Apprentices . Organization XII . Birth By Sleep
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Ansem's Apprentices
kingdom100 table
please keep in mind that everything in this category was written PRE-BIRTH BY SLEEP.


Lonely No More [PG, wordcount: 35]


Best Enemies [PG, wordcount: 521] Braig and Even are supar BFFs, I'll have you know.

Perfect [PG, wordcount: 401] Even realizes something a little bit important.
I... WHAT?!

Fun to Kiss [PG-13, wordcount: 512] Even is a spaz.
Is it something you want to share, Even?

Revelations [PG, wordcount: 637] It came as sort of a shock.
Too late, sunshine! You're coming with me, whether you like it or not!

Wish This Love Away [PG, wordcount: 925] Braig thinks of the little things.
Are you taking me outside?


So You Say [PG, wordcount: 1126]
I think I must be crazy.

All of You [PG, wordcount: 704] Shameless mush.
No, Braig. Sorry. Not interested.

All That Matters [PG, wordcount: 336] More shameless mush.
Hell. Nothing else matters.

You Don't Have to Bang [PG-13, wordcount: 623]
You study too much! You're gonna get brain damage!

Mirror, Mirror [PG, wordcount: 664] Don't take drugs, kids.
Score one for the shorty!

Not a Date, Right? [PG-13, wordcount: 3477] No really. A first date story.
You have masculinity? I never noticed.

Victory [PG-13, wordcount 1178] Braig is bored. DANGER.
/Is/ Xehanort your sex god?


We Belong to the Sea [PG, wordcount: 1917]
Umm... can you talk?

Send Me a Song [PG, wordcount: 1223]
...I may not... come back.

Hello, It's Me [PG, wordcount: 3923]
You place a fair amount of trust in my ability to save our asses.


Our Last True Prayers [PG, wordcount: 1048]
You ask me about my family. The answer to your question... is that I do not know.

Now We Are Free [PG, wordcount: 567]
It was a little bit like dying.

Nothing More [PG, wordcount: 378] It's irrational, he knows.
Darkness is the absence of light, nothing more.

Timeless [PG, wordcount: 662] Sunset.
He looked feral, almost... eternal.

The Greatest Things in Life [PG, wordcount: 187] L is for LOL
Xehanort wants to see you.

Mature Adults [PG-13, wordcount: 224] L is still for LOL
We're all mature adults here!

'Til the End of Time [PG, wordcount: 2604] The apprentices visit the seashore.
Is it a rock lobster?

Missing [PG, wordcount: 479] Ansem finds something on his desk.
I do not find this amusing, Xehanort.

Organization XIII


Retarded [PG-13, wordcount: 204]
What are you doing?

Let it Beat [PG, wordcount: 891]
It's time for bed.

Extra Energy [PG, wordcount: 190] with some Xig/Lux to flavor.
I feel sorry for Axel...

Something Else [PG, wordcount: 467]
I just got back from a mission. It was rough.


Hershey's Special Dark [PG, wordcount: 535]
Chocolate first. Chocolate is more important than Axel.


Lullabye [PG, wordcount: 634]
Come in, come in. You're always welcome here.

Afraid of the Dark [PG, wordcount: 454]
Babe. You're shaking. You okay?

Stairway to Heaven [PG, wordcount: 687] kind of gen, actually.
I bet you don't remember me, either.

The Way U Are [PG-13, wordcount: 742]
No seriously, what's in it?

Forever [PG-13, wordcount: 2780] songfic
Where'd that giant flaming idiot go?

Frosted Days [PG, wordcount: 1855] plus some Riku/Sora.
You don't know when your birthday is???


Balls [PG, wordcount: 323]
Axel, look! Giant sparkly BALLS!


Normal Human Functions [PG, wordcount: 154]
Pudding, dumbshit.


To the Future [PG, wordcount: 114]
To the future.


Big Bad Evil Guy [L for LOL, wordcount: 272]


Defeat [PG-13, wordcount: 556] In which Zexion encounters his Heartless.
I think I've want enough.

Larxene/Sexu (before she was Xion.)

Fresh Meat [PG, wordcount: 580] when we first heard about #14, I was less than happy...
Don't ask stupid questions!


The Space Between [PG, wordcount: 997] I do love a challenge.
What are you afraid of?


Tragedy [PG, wordcount: 603] Luxord's cereal is missing.
A joke?! This is not a joke. This is a tragedy. Tragedies are not funny.


Something Different [PG-13, wordcount: 370]
Did I ever tell you I like blondes?

Buttsex is Fun [R, wordcount: 401]
It's your face... it's just funny.


Take It Off [PG-13, wordcount: 502]
I don't want to get naked!

When the Time Has Come to Fly FFIX crossover. Rould, Myde, and Port Royal...
Ch 1: Green as Grass - Found your bed empty this morning, did ye?
Ch 2: One Bright Star - I've always loved the ocean.
Ch 3: Heart of Gold - I promise- on my honor!
Ch 4: A Haunting Cry - I've never seen him pass up an opportunity like this.


Drinking Buddies [PG-13, wordcount: 541]
That sounds suspiciously like a... thing.


Kuchibiru Kara Romantica [PG, wordcount: 620]
There's something that's been bothering me.


Heart Attack [PG-13, wordcount: 1201]
Why are you being so damn accomodating?!

Demeaning [PG, wordcount: 175]
And demeaning, did I mention demeaning?


Erotic Nightmares [PG-13, wordcount: 278] A beautiful psychological work turns into crack. As always.
Marly? Oh jesus, not again.


All in the Cards [PG, wordcount: 425]
You spend enough time in Demyx's room, don't you ever hear them?


Tale as Old as Time [PG-13] a retelling of Beauty and the Beast.
Chapter One: A Quiet Village - I couldn't put it down! Have you got anything new?
Chapter Two: Castle Oblivion - The harder it gets to press on, the closer you're getting. Oh - and watch out for the thorns.


Chain of Command [PG, wordcount: 459] NOT crack, for once.
Well, you ARE plotting to overthrow me.


Overpowering [PG, wordcount: 156] barely even a pairing, really.
That was uncalled for!


Vivaldi's Rain [PG, wordcount: 1101]
Do you still hate the rain?</i>

Vivaldi's Rain (full version)
Coming soon!


Mission Accomplished [PG-13, wordcount: 473]
Whatever it is, I don't want it. Go away.

Recommendation [PG-13, wordcount: 227] short and a bit sucky.
Mmm, Luxord is acceptable.


Sea Salt [PG, wordcount: 566]
Ocean's plenty salty for ya, huh?


Hairties [PG-13, wordcount: 1631] Xigbar's hairties are going missing.
A report. You know, actual work? That thing you never do?

Organization XIII [PG-13, wordcount: 149]
You fag.

Shower Pirates [PG-13, wordcount: 972] Xigbar invades Xaldin's showers. Often.
Saix and Xemnas seem to manage well enough...

Is This the End? [PG-13, wordcount: 480] Xaldin was waiting for him.
What, were you trying to be enigmatic and mysterious? Because it didn't work.

"Cleaning" [PG-13, wordcount: 757] Banter, plain and simple.
But nothing. Now shut up and help me.

LOL [L for lol!, wordcount: 405] I have no excuse for this shit, really.
You can eat stuff off your tummy!

Old Habits Die Hard [PG-13, wordcount: 673] They were so new at this.
You didn't have to spear me in the eye!

Scars [PG, wordcount: 641]
Try not to bleed on my sheets.

Topping Games [R, wordcount: 1093] Sex and banter and flashbacks, my friend.
You like it.

As You Like It [PG-13, wordcount: 501] In which there is coffee.
Uh, sure. If by 'charm' you mean 'desire to strangle you', then yes. He doesn't.

There You Will Be [PG-13, wordcount: 1668] The movies!
Nothing. Just some nut with a death wish tossing popcorn.

Certain as the Sun [PG-13, wordcount: 1387] A disagreement arises about dancing.
Xigbar! That was on purpose!

Incruentatus [NC-17] Vampires. Aw heck yeah.
Prologue - Do you want to die, Demyx?
Chapter One - If it's that difficult of a decision to choose between your job and your friends, then perhaps I've put too much faith in you.
Chapter Two - But Xigbar... revenge is nothing to live for.
Chapter Three - Perhaps you should refrain from hunting until you have come to terms with everything.
Chapter Four - Because maybe I want to give you what you want.


All You Wanted [PG-13, wordcount: 510]
There are some things that require my full attention. Ice cream is one of them.

Pass the Cherry [PG, wordcount: 422] L is for LOL.
Isn't that... mine?

Explosive [R, wordcount: 309] I'm such a copout.

The Heart of All Words [PG, wordcount: 487] Saix thoughts.
He never knew what Xemnas was thinking, back then.

Mine [R, wordcount: 361] I am slightly less of a copout.


Even If It Kills Me [PG, wordcount: 480] Not crack, but a little bit gen.
You're... not gonna stop me?


Self-Confidence [PG, wordcount: 414]
Is it just me, or is everyone in this Organization gay?


Cupcake [PG, wordcount: 727]
No cupcake friends to tell jokes with... No cupcake sweetheart to love...

Temperature-Wise [PG, wordcount: 486] This fic is old. And badly-characterized.
Not hot, that way... it's a different...


Precious Memories [PG, wordcount: 96] If you turn your head and squint.
You don't remember... anything?

Birth By Sleep


Unbroken [PG-13, wordcount: 1605] Please check the timestamp.
Um... sorry to be blunt, sir, but why are you in my room?

Everyone Else!


Someone Else [PG, wordcount: 243]
There's someone else, isn't there?


Restoration [PG, wordcount: 411] References FF: Dissidia.
You don't remember much, do you?

Where The Heart Is [PG, wordcount: 1513] Leon brings Cloud to meet the family.
Well... that's really his story to tell, not mine.

That's So Sweet [PG, wordcount: 315] Lols and ice creams.
GAH! No. Do not want.


Innovation [PG, wordcount: 322]
Give it to someone else?

Surprise [PG, wordcount: 491] Yuffie POV.
They just acted like normal people under normal circumstances! What more do you want?


Fortress [PG, wordcount: 488] Mickey finds the time to pay Disney Castle a visit.
Incognito. The nobodies don't know the difference.


Adorable [PG, wordcount: 422] Shameless dumb-Sora fluff.
Let me think about that... No.

Worth It [PG, wordcount: 767]
Your lips are blue.

Invincible [PG-13, wordcount: 1054]
Riku. Come in the water or I'm going to drag you.

Itsumademo [PG, wordcount: 875] songfic.
Angels in flight, my sanctuary...

Frosted Days [PG, wordcount: 1855] plus some Axel/Roxas.
You don't know when your birthday is???


Relaxation [PG, wordcount: 196]
I only just got here myself.


The Icebreaker [PG, wordcount: 975] highschool au and ridiculous fluff.
Ice down his shirt, eh? I'm sure he'll be THRILLED.


An Intense Situation [PG-13] Shipwreck AU!
Chapter One - Well, I shall leave you to your explorations. However, keep in mind that the wild beasts do not like stationary prey.

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