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26 August 2027 @ 03:44 pm
Fic Primes / Recs  

I've written a lot of KH fanfic. Most of it, at the request of other people. Much of it is crack. But there are a few that I particularly like and consider to be good, and I wanted to collect and showcase those in particular.

Fic Primes

Wish This Love Away [Braig/Even, PG, wordcount: 925] Braig thinks of the little things.
Are you taking me outside?

Mirror, Mirror [Dilan/Braig, Xigbar, PG, wordcount: 664]
Score one for the shorty!

Hello, It's Me [Ienzo/Myde, Lae/Myde, PG, wordcount: 3923] 'Ignoring him' was putting it lightly.
You place a fair amount of trust in my ability to save our asses.

Forever [Axel/Roxas, PG-13, wordcount: 2780] I will feel you...
Where'd that giant flaming idiot go?

The Space Between [Lexaeus/Leon, PG, wordcount: 997] I do love a challenge.
What are you afraid of?

Chain of Command [Marluxia/Xemnas, PG, wordcount: 459] Reasons and symbols.
Well, you ARE plotting to overthrow me.

Vivaldi's Rain [Vexen/Saix, PG, wordcount: 1101] AU.
Do you still hate the rain?

Old Habits Die Hard [Xaldin/Xigbar, PG-13, wordcount: 673] They were so new at this.
You didn't have to spear me in the eye!

Certain as the Sun [Xaldin/Xigbar, PG-13, wordcount: 1387] A disagreement arises about dancing.
Xigbar! That was on purpose!

The Heart of All Words [Xemnas/Saix, PG, wordcount: 487] Saix thoughts.
He never knew what Xemnas was thinking, back then.

Even If It Kills Me [Xemnas/Xigbar, PG, wordcount: 480] Not crack, but a little bit gen.
You're... not gonna stop me?

Tale as Old as Time [PG-13] a retelling of Beauty and the Beast. WIP.
Chapter One: A Quiet Village - I couldn't put it down! Have you got anything new?
Chapter Two: Castle Oblivion - The harder it gets to press on, the closer you're getting. Oh - and watch out for the thorns.

When the Time Has Come to Fly FFIX crossover. Rould, Myde, and Port Royal... WIP.
Ch 1: Green as Grass - Found your bed empty this morning, did ye?
Ch 2: One Bright Star - I've always loved the ocean.
Ch 3: Heart of Gold - I promise- on my honor!
Ch 4: A Haunting Cry - I've never seen him pass up an opportunity like this.

And I also wanted to rec a few good fics that I've had the pleasure of reading and rereading in my time as a KH fan.

Fic Recs

rainbowserenity's master list - RS was my first KH friend, and I love everything she writes. Mostly RikuSora and lots and lots of fluff. ♥

Small Favors and Favors in the Dark, by chigrima on y!gallery. Beautiful Xaldin/Vexen porn.

Dead Man's Hand, a really mindblowing AU with combinations of Setzer/Xigbar/Luxord.

And last but absolutely not least, Boys, by caseyvalhalla. Hands down, the best Kingdom Hearts fic I've ever read - and it's a Riku/Sora highschool AU. Don't judge. This is a beautiful, amazing piece of writing. If you haven't read it yet? GET ON THAT SHIT.