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25 August 2027 @ 05:30 pm
Here's a list of where I am on my various WIPs, and what's coming next.

When the Time Has Come to Fly: Chapter Five - a little more about the FFIX crossover, but mostly one big POTC reference and For Great Lolz. Also, it's going to be long as shit. Wordcount so far: 1,385 and the action's barely started. Ten very long chapters total, from here on out, and everything is heavily outlined.

Tale as Old as Time: Part Three - haven't started it. I do have the whole plot outlined, in all its metafable insanity.

Vivaldi's Rain: Chapter One / Rewrite - Wordcount: 1,914. I pretty much have Part One done, and outlines for the rest, but I want to wait until it's complete before I start posting it.

Secret Secret Santa - a christmas fic from two years ago, that is still epically amazing. boatloads of strange pairings, For Great Lolz, and fluff. Wordcount so far: 3,201. Not even halfway complete. Debating whether I should post it in parts.

Ink - chapterfic in the works, a Victorian era jungle adventure. Primarily Vexen/Saix. Illustrated! Wordcount so far: 1,706.

The Crime That Never Was - chapterfic in the works, involving the org as a group of criminals and Sora and Riku as detectives. Wordcount so far: 683, not counting some handwritten stuff I haven't typed yet.

Gravity - Xal/Xig, present-day AU oneshot about airplanes. Wordcount so far: 2,121.

Time Changes Everything - a Xaldin/Roxas work in six parts, barely conceived.

And a whole handful of little bits of apprenticefic and xalxig, destined for kingdom100 or 30_dates.